LIFE IS BODYBOARD (english edition)

Amaury Lavernhe dedicates this book to bodyboarding, his lifelong passion.

A complete work orchestrated by the 2010 World Champ that pays tribute to all the bobyboarding community.


  • The origins and the history of the boogie
  • The mythical destinations presented by local riders 
  • Reunion Island: Amaury’s extreme sports island
  • The best gear: using and maintenance advice
  • The most spectacular manoeuvres described by the best international riders
    Amaury’s favourite tricks  
  • Training for physical, mental and technical preparation
  • National and international competitions  
  • Amaury’s biography.
  • Drop-knee

No matter whether you are a novice or an experienced rider, you’ll read compact and intense texts full of details and information, with full pages pictures, actions and colours, with a dynamic layout. You will share Amaury’s experiences, memories and love for life and riding.

The French edition “BODYBOARD, LA PASSION D’UNE VIE” by Amaury Lavernhe is available on the shop online.

Author : Amaury Lavernhe
118 pages - 22 x 26 cm - Full colours pages - Coated softcover - English edition


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11,61 €

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